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    Mar 2002
    oasis in the desert

    Talking whatcha think of my site?

    my home page

    comments, suggestions, appreciation... dont be TOO brutal
    i know theres a lack of content. I just needed a portfolio up and workin ASAP.


    ignorance spreads lies;
    how much will money buy?
    Well I'll take my time,
    As I drift and die.

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    Ooh well I can tell you that, uhm. Hold on. I think I am now let's see.Uuhm No idea !
    Looks nice
    It's time for me to do some homework I think

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    Jul 2002
    Great work man, love the spinning ring,
    also nice transitions.

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    Mar 2002
    if your going to make it a portfolio site, make sure you get a new host.

    this is too slow.
    Forever always seems
    to be around when things begin
    but forever never seems
    to be around when things end...

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    a tad slow on the load side... the resolution requirements at the bottom could be summed up in "1024x768", because they become a bit low-contrasty towards the bottom... other than that not bad.
    defaced website: u'V3 b33n 0\/\/n3d bY d4 l337 kr3\/\/. w3'rE 5ucH 1E37 H4X0rS!
    me: i wonder why they keep saying l337 h4x0rs. are they trying to say they're elite hackers or something?
    brad: nah, if that's what they meant, they would'a said it.
    me: ...

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