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    Step By Step Screenshots Import Tutorial

    Can some1 give me a step by step tutorial on how to import screenshot. Heres what im doin.

    1.Open UT
    2.Load The Map
    3.Pess ~ and type setres 512x256
    4.I press F9 and then open my level in UT Editor
    5.I Open the texture browser and go to File > Import > C:\UT2004\ScreenShots\Screen0001.bmp
    6. I Make the package MyLevel and it opens my level but its not there!

    Please Help Im alomst done with this map....

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    I think that it has to be a square.

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    This thread has a step by step I wrote out. I can't see why it isn't working. Make sure you type "myLevel" exactly. Just a sidenote, there can't be spaces in the path to the screenshot or the name of the screenshot or the map you are making. Spaces are bad.

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    You also need to set the proper material to use for the screenshot in the LevelPreview field in the Level Properties dialog. Once you have the screenshot imported you'll need to create a reference to it. You may also need to rebuild before you see it in the preview screen.

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