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    noobie sub-div question

    This is the second place Ive posted this question, but I thought someone on this forum might have some suggestions.cheers!

    Im just starting on my first serious attempt at a character in XSI, and Im a bit vague on the best approach to subdividing the low poly model. In Max I would use meshsmooth on a reference copy of the low poly cage Im working on which always worked for me, so Im wondering whats the closest approach in XSI.
    Ive read about subdivision, MR subdivision, GAsubdivision, duplicating using geometry approximation etc. Im not even sure where or what MRsubdivsion is. I assume I will want to texture/uv and envelope the low-poly cage, and will want to set up morph targets for facial animation etc (but thats another story!!!) so Im wondering what approach is best or easiest, at least at the modeling stage of the character.

    If anyone can share their experience and working methods, Id much appreciate it.

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    In XSI all you have to do is have your polygon mesh selected and press the + key on your numeric keyboard to increase subD, - decreases it.

    You can then work on your polygon mesh and the subD will automatically update.

    There are tutorials on this subject available here:

    If you have the cash then I recommend buying the Cumbria XSI CD's available here:

    Roger provides plenty of tips for modeling in XSI.

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    you can also select you polygone, and go to the modeling panel pressing "1", than under edit->polygone...i think or soemthing similiar...and select will allow you to choose between MR and GR ( i think that is the name) well anywaz, they give you different result. so test them out

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