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    " leetness " - Albatross Water

    So I was trying to figure out how to put some running water in my map the other day, so I opened up Dm-Albatross, and copy pasted the small rivulet of water from it, into my map.
    What surprised me, is that the word " Leetness " is spelled out via d3wd speak, in the reflection of the stream. I haven't opened Albatross back up yet to see if I can make it out there, but it's way evident in my map, anybody ever notice this before?
    If not, it's a quick chuckle at the dorkiness of it to go check it out.
    I'd post screenshots, but it's late and I'm tired and forgot to post this the other day and I've since moved the shots and yadda yadda yadda, maybe tomorrow. =)

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    Yeah this was posted in the Atari forums a few months back, interesting little easter egg.

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    Yeah, it was mentioned many months ago as well. Check out the following threads for it along with some other hidden stuff:

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