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    Abt Rules for WIP...

    HI guys,

    am new here - so pardon me if this is a silly question but - i'm working on a personal project more for the sake of learning more abt rigging - am i allowed to post that stuff here?


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    si yo creo k lo mas algoritmos, claro

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    Question question

    Do you need to enter the contest, or when do you submit your work? Where do you do that? I've already entered and have been showing my updates on the WIP page. Also how do you add a picture next to your name?

    My underwater creature entry - SEA DRAGON

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    melbourne. australia.

    My first WIP. Following the VTM's

    Hio all.
    I've been following the VTM's for MAX and am up to box modelling.
    I found a fishing knife in my car - a total mystery of where it came from.
    It started out as an 8x2x2 box and i took it from there.
    Hopefully i will model the whole thing box-style, except for the clip - i will use spline shapes for that.
    It's not much because i'm a real F9 fan and tend to not get all that much done.
    Hope you like the 'pinched' effect on the grip. A complete accident.

    And a question... is Turbosmoothing 4 iterations considered a bad thing? should i have more base detail in the first place? It didnt need it, but it is a close up.
    It's 3:16am and i am suffering from LNN (Late Night Narcosis)

    Really Old Specs:
    Commodore AMIGA 500 (7.14 Mhz).
    1 Meg Ram Total.
    IMAGINE V2 from AMIGA FORMAT Coverdisc.
    No Manual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by busbyj View Post
    When posting images, please make sure to tell us:

    * What software was use
    * How long it took you to create (up until the post of course)
    * Any additional information you would like to add!
    It seems lately no one mentions their software (unless asked for) or how long it took to create the model.

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    O hai o

    Glad to be here! I'm actually one of the first few Renaissance Center Busby J students from back waaaay when! Haha, Hey Buzz!!! Remember Tony, Kelly, Mark or Gump? Haha. This was back in 2001 I think!

    Just wondering, will threads NOT be posted if every req is not met? I didn't read this "How To" thread before I did so..

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    Born-Media FOR LIFE!

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