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    wip random head my first work

    I'm trying to make a head from scratch in Zbrush, and i have some problems. The ears, the eyes and the mouth is my biggest problems since i can't seem to get them right even though i try to look at images of other mouths, ears and eyes. The nose is what i am most proud of though i think i was a bit lucky there. But if someone can help me it would be appreciated. Since I'm a big newbie at the field you can comment on everything you like i will just appreciate the help. =)
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    welcome! there are a couple things that stick out to me when i look at your model so far. first, it seems that some more time with zbrush will benefit you greatly. that's something i can't give advice on, just spend more time with it. now i've never really used zbrush, so i can't give you any technical tips, but something to keep in mind when creating any sort of realistic art: draw/sculpt/model what you see. don't draw/sculpt/model what you think you see... that is to say that between birth and now we somehow train ourselves to think of faces as combinations of lines and shapes. you need to think of anatomy as it really is, skin over muscle over bone. take a long look at muscular and skeletal diagrams and pay close attention to where muscles and bones can be seen underneath the skin. this may sound and look weird, but touch your face, probe it, feel how there's a cavity between your cheek and your jaw, and feel where the bone ends and the cartilage begins in your nose. you'll notice that in the most successful 3d models the anatomy is quite apparent. don't get frustrated though, this is a good start for a first work in 3d, especially considering zbrush's "interesting" user interface. keep it up, make sure you keep gaining inspiration from other artists too, zbrushcentral has some amazing work on it. not sure if you were expecting an essay but i'm in an advice mood. good luck and keep us updated!

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