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    Question Maya to unreal??

    I have a character in Maya that i want to use in Unreal 2k4. How do I go about rigging him and putting him into Unreal to play. I want to give him someone elses animations , not make my own.

    Do I use Actor X or another plugin and how do I use them?
    How do I set it up so that I can pick him in Unreal?
    How do I set up the default rig for unreal?

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    That's a big chunk of stuff to explain in one post(: I see you've got a star, I'd recommend grabbing the VTMs and go from there, they cover just about everything you want to know.
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    In this thread , there is a quick description of the steps to follow for rigging and getting it in Unrealed. You can use ActorX or the Uneditor plugin. Either one will work. The main thing to remember is that you should not move or alter the skeleton in Maya. Orient and alter your character to fit the skeleton. Making changes to the skeleton can mess things up. To be able to pick your charcter from the player enu, you will need to create a .upl file. Just copy a current player's info from one of the UT .upl files and change the name, mesh, and skin info to that of your character. As djtomservo said, the VTM's are a big help with all of this.

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