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    laptop for 3d animation purposes

    Hi guys....

    im gonna buy myself a new laptop somewhere in the next few months. It has to be a laptop because i dont have the space for a pc right now...

    But i do want to optimize my laptop for 3d animation purposes...
    So what kinda system (and graphics card etc) would you guys recommend?


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    I'm actually looking for a 3d laptop myself, and i've been looking at either an Alienware MJ12m, a Dell Inspiron XPS, or one of the new BOXX laptops. . .they're all a bit pricey but they look like they have good solid components. The BOXX ones are a little pricier but it looks like the package comes with a few nice extras, so it might just be down to your price range. . .

    . . .i'll probably get an alienware because of the Quadro option.
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    I use a notebook for all my 3d work.

    P4 3.2Ghz HT
    512MB RAM <-- my mistake you really need a gig or more
    nVidia 5650mobile <-- now days you can get a Radeon 9600Pro
    80Gig HD <-- small but I doubt you can get much bigger for notebooks

    So I would recomend something like what I have, though with as much ram as can fit it it and a 128MB graphics card.

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    just make sure the GPU supports hardware overlay or that it has a GPU that you can mod to do this..

    quadros and FireGls are the ones... but will cost you a fortune. geforces and radeons can be modded to the previous two but am uncertain with laptops.

    other than that, lots a ram, a fast CPU (hyperthreading - good for mental ray rendering) umm... good native resolution (lcds come with a set preferred resolution). Changing it can make your display look horrid. so go for something that perhaps does 1600 x 1200.

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