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    Animation is REversed!!--- MAya /Unreal

    heres a tricky one
    i set up maya with Z axis as up axis
    i set up bones & mesh---animated--
    when i import to unreal--- the model is setting in the proper place (its a weapons model for 1st person) but when you run its animation in UnrealEd ----the axis is reveresed--- when the weapon goes up (as in a recoil) in Maya, in Unreal it goes down---down in Maya means up in Unreal in the animation--- the animations are somehow reversing --on the opposite axis in Unreal Ed---- any ideas on this? any Maya catz out there?


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    i think this has been asked already in another post or forum

    i think the problem lies in that the exporters are coded to be exporting from a "Y" up axis to a "Z" up axis in unreal so you might have to reset for that

    could be wrong but i think thats the advice everyone is getting/giving
    Aint that some ...

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    If you mirrored the bones in maya that will happen.

    Do this: open up the char in unrealED and then hit VIEW ->BONES then hit VIEW ->BONE NAMES This will show you which is up according to the bones.

    If you have 2 bones with the same name it will do strange stuff like that.

    Last: if there isn't enough or to many bones to fit with the animation things like that will happen.

    Oh, how did you set maya for z=up? The best way I know how is to create each bone and then rotate each one y=-90 x=-90 and then parenting the bones/adding IK.
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