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    Unhappy "Use" trigger acting like a proximity trigger!

    I'm trying to set up an emitter that is triggered by a "use" trigger. I put my mesh for the button in, placed a use trigger from the actor browser in front of it, set the flag to UseTrigger and the event to Beam, then set the flag on the emitter to Beam and set it up to be triggered. I also put in a text message to display when the trigger is activated. On paper, according to UDN, that should work.

    Well, on when I play the map, the beam is on permanently, and the trigger activates when you walk up to it, eg it's a proximity trigger and not a use trigger, even though it's a use trigger actor and doesn't have any of the normal trigger attributes like playerbump, classbump, etc.

    I haven't found any decent tuts for the 2k3/2k4 trigger system. UDN's was what I followed for this, and it really doesn't go into any detail on use triggers.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I decided to not color code this one (except for the green parts), I'll just try to make it as short as possible. Note that you'll still have to set up all your regular emitter effects, and you'll also need a triggered volume and a volume trigger. They'll prolly work in a very similar fasion. (Except for the emitter parts ) Also, I read that you'll need to use a network emitter to get this to work in multiplayer games. You can search for info on your own. Since you wanted to use this for a particle cannon, I'm assuming there's only going to be one big beam, so I will default all particle values to 1.

    Lines marked with asteriks (*) are optional
    1. Place a Trigger and an Emitter in your level
    2. Open the Trigger Properties
    3. Open the Events tab
    4. Type "ActivateEmitter" in the Event field
    5. Open the Trigger tab
    6. Change TriggerType to TT_PawnProximity
    7. *ReTriggerDelay : the delay between triggers. If you want a 5 second reload time, you should se this to 5.
    8. *Message : displays text when the trigger fires, useful for debugging.
    9. Open the Emitter Properties
    10. Open the Events tab
    11. Type "ActivateEmitter" in the Tag field
    12. Open the tab that has your actual emitter in it (you should see a ton of dark grey tabs) the rest of the steps will be in these tabs.
    13. Open the General tab
    14. Change MaxParticles to 1(This sets the maximum amount of particles this emitter can produce at once, regardless of any other values. You MUST set this greater than one.)
    15. Open the Local tab
    16. Change RespawnDeadParticles to False
    17. Open the Spawning tab
    18. Change AutomaticInitialSpawning to True
    19. Open the Trigger tab
    20. Change ResetOnTrigger to True
    21. Change SpawnOnTriggerPPS to 1 (This is the particles per second, basically how fast the emitter shoots. Since you have only 1 particles this shouldn't make much of a difference, however it must be greater than one)
    22. Open the SpawnOnTriggerRange subtab
    23. Change Max to 1 (This is the maximum amount of particles generated when the trigger fires)
    24. Change Min to 1 (This is the minimum amount of particles generated when the trigger fires)
    25. *Note: If you want a set specific number of particles (in this case 1), these two values must be the same, otherwise the value is randomized between the min and max values.
    26. Change TriggerDisabled to False

    That's about it, it's not too much stuff... Took hours to figure it out tho lol.

    Also attached is the demo level.
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    I have my map running in BETA form on a dedicated server.

    IP is

    Have fun, if you're interested.



    BTW for those that play, please keep in mind this is my FIRST map, so there are some rough spots. I'd say this is 85% done...

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