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    Need Help with Ion Cannon

    Ok I just edited this post since I have more problems now and I did not want to start a new post:

    So I am making an ons map and I have run into a few problems.

    1: I have these 2 movers what make a door. I want them to go to the side when a person gets close to them so the person can walk through the area and get on the elevator.

    I did this and it does not work

    1st: I made the 2 movers.
    2nd: I went to the actor class browser put in a reg trigger(the one called trigger)
    3rd: I then went to the tigger props and went to Events and put in the event= door1
    4th: I then went to there props and to events= tag and put in door1
    5th: I changed all there CollisionRadius to like 120

    2: My next problem you got to download the screenshot

    In this you will see an x and a circle around the sheet I made that wall thing with the sheet but I noticed when I ran my map that I could walk through it and I do not know how to stop that without using a blocking volume(I just rather not use it but if I have to I will)

    3: I am trying to make an ion cannon(not the painter one). I have put it in by going to actor browser to SvehicalFactory--- AsVehicalFactory----AsVehicalFactory_IonCannon.

    I always get a low power sign but I think that is because the map type I am making is an ons map and I have no power nodes it it yet.

    But what I want it to do with it is this: I have it under this walkway the center of my building I have in my map and on top of it is 2 catwalk ways(what I turned into a movers). I want these to open up like a missle silo. Then I want to Ion Cannon to shoot up to the top of my map(It will be on another mover thing). Then once it hits there it goes up and turns left to the edge so when a person gets on it he can look down and shoot at things.

    I want this all to happen when I guess a button is pushed or something like that.

    Thats all the problems I have for now. If you know how to fix one of these please put the instrucitons step by step since I am a noob.

    Also I am posting my map so you can trying to figure out the things and get a better understanding aobut how my map looks.
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    1) could you be a bit more specific in what your problem is -do they not open or close? do your bots not use the door? what is the problem you are experiencing you tell what your end is and how you went about implementing but not what you got

    2) your link is dead so can't help with this one

    3) i think the problem you have with this is you are trying to use something that is encoded for 1 type of map in another type of map so your gonna have to do some pretty heavy scripting to get it to work - to give an example your are trying to substitue an apple for strawberries in a strawberry daiquiri

    so i suggest if you want your ion cannon to be usable you make an ASsault map and save your ONSlaught map for another time
    Aint that some ...

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    1.) i miss a few things there, first in the mover properties go under the object tab and change the InitialState to TriggerOpenedTimed. (default is BumbOpenTimed)
    Second, have you set up the keyframes ? Cause the engine cannot guess what you want to do with movers.
    Not sure if you already know how : place mover at the base position, right click, mover -> key 1. Move the mover to the second position and right click, mover -> key0(base).

    2.) BSP sheets will never have collision. for sheets to block you MUST use a collision volume.

    3.) I think the gun will have power once you have the cores and nodes in place. When i placed the gun last night i got the same no power symbol which makes since since there was no core there. And turrets do exacly the same thing in ons. Which makes me think that the ioncannon will going to work in onslaught.

    The silo thing shouldn't be too hard. It will be similiar to the doors you made. Simply have a trigger that triggers both the baydoors as well as the mover platform the canon is based on. Then you need to put a delay in the platform, so the doors will open first and then the platform will move. Set the InitialState of the trigger to TriggerToggle. Otherwise the movers will return to their base position after they reached their StayOpenTime setting.

    So the things you need to change in the mover:

    MoveTime = How long it takes for the doors to open or the platfor to move up
    StayOpenTime = if you want it to stay up for a certain amount of time (depends on the initialstate of the trigger in this case)
    DelayTime = the delay before the mover will actualy move (important for the platform so it doesn't move when the baydoors are still closed)

    And you'd be wise to change the EncroachSettings of the movers. by default they will return when encroached, but that might mess up your timing of the movers. So CrushWhenEncroach is a good thing to use for you. Set it's encroach damage though when you do

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    Here are new links to them:

    And my first question my problem was the trigger does not work like I have to run into them to open and all I forgot there was to put it TriggerOpenedTimed.

    I will repost my map soon I just want to fix up question 2. And attempt the ion cannon trigger stuff.

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