i have a surface with 1 U span and 4 V span and described as follows:
u[0] and u[1]
v[0] v[1] v[2.365] v[3.7243] v[4]
there is a decimal value in the v span.
well, the problem that i like the current position of isoparm so i don't wanna change it. But to attach to other surface , i have to rebuild first ( to make the all v span have the integer value,so the attach process will give a nice result).
problem : when i rebuild ,the value is changed but the position of isoparm is changed too. (i only want to change the v value all to integer without change the position , well i'm trying to be perfect)

usually to get rid of this , i did the following steps:
- i detach every single pieces along the v span (not the u span)
- rebuild with param range set to : 0 to #span, keep: numspans. and set number of span v to 1 and u to previous value (before detaching)
- reattach them back with attach method set to : connect (so the isoparms don't change position)
after this steps, i got a new redefined v span (all are integer) and it keeps previous position of the isoparms <-- just perfect!
well, it works but need a lot of steps specially when working on a big surface with many isoparm, so i'm wondering whether there's a shortcut for this...
so all i want to do : change all u or v value to integer at the current isoparm position instantly.... . probably need to tweak some option in rebuild command but i haven't found it.

anyone have any idea?