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    I have another problem(Static Meshes this time)

    Well besides the other problem I have. I am wondering has anyone seen a door what opens and closes like a real elevator doors you see in real life? Like I want a door what the 2 door side things go into the wall but the only kind I seen while playing games in from up and down but I do not really want to use that one.

    Also when I do put this door in do I have to do something to it like make it a mover or what?

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    you need 2 movers that are door shaped, and flip one so they match up. then set their key 0's in their initial position, and their key 1's in the wall. then go to properties>events and give them the same tag, say, ElevatorDoors. Under Object, set InitialState to TriggerControl. Then go to actors and select Triggers>Trigger and place one in the center of the doors. Go to the trigger's properties and set its event to ElevatorDoors (or whatever you chose above), and under collision set its CollisionHeight and CollisionRadius (you might want to go to actor view>radii view in the top and front/side viewports). Then the doors should open how you want.

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