Hey guys. this ones for all my hot rod sports car enthusiests. i, thinking about making a hot rod mod. it will consist of some kind of town for the level and of course alot hot rods spanning from the years of the 50's to tthe 04's and i'm also thinking about putting some new character models in too, but in order to do that i would want to make animations for the new character models so i wanted to know can new animations be made. well this is a project i plan on starting. so far i'm working on a 1955 chevy belair. if anyone would like to join me in this. pleas feel welcom. just give me your email adress and if you have aimgive me your screen name too. sorry i didn't post any pictures in this post, but in oakland at the time i was typing this is4:16 am so i'll post pictures another time. later.... zzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzz