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    Transfering a Domain Name Away From


    My domain name is going to expire in October so I want to transfer it to some other registrar that doesn't cost $35 a year. I'm considering Ev1 Servers, or GoDaddy, but would like to hear other people's suggestions.

    ADDED: Forgot to add: I'm also considering
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    I just registered one with GoDaddy earlier this year. It's my first and only experience with registrars, but it only cost about $10 a year (with whois lookup security -- about $8 without it).

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    Hi all, first time poster

    Anyway, I work for a web company, and we often register domains, and we always use Godaddy. Their prices are good, and you have total control over the domain name, whereas some companies charge / prevent you changing the dns / information for your name, you can do it all yourself through a login control panel on godaddy.


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    I rent several dedicated servers from, and they're pretty good in that respect. I've never bought a domain name through them though.

    I have about 30 or so domain names with GoDaddy though. I, and many of my clients, have been using them for 5 years or more, and we've never had a single problem with them between us.

    You can't beat GoDaddy's prices, and their service is great.

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    I have a few domains with Godaddy and I am presently transferring one now, but I was a little late.

    You can only transfer 60 days after purchase and 10 days before expiration . . . for one I have to wait 60 days . .

    They also give you the remaining time that you have already paid for + an additional year. All at $7.95 a year.

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    Also . . .

    Their customer service answered on the first ring and were very pleasant . . . They say 24/7 ???

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    I just skimmed through this thread, so I might have missed it, but nobody seemed to actually say what to do.

    Most registrars will have a Domain Transfer option. They will charge you for a year's rental. When you do this, they will transfer the domain to themselves, and extend your domain's life by one year.

    BTW. I use Dotster, and I'm extremely happy with the service I get from them. You have total control over your domains, and if you do web hosting or outsource a lot of domains, they have a reseller solution where you can brand their site to look exactly like your own. Brilliant.


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