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Thread: Skybox seams

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    Skybox seams

    I just bought Unreal Tournament 2003 3 months ago and decided to give it a try. Now that I have been playing around with the Unreal Ed I found a problem that is really irritating me.
    I do what all the tutorials say and first subtract a cube (512 X 512 X 1024) and move it far away from my terrain. I then apply a texture (usually a 1024 X 1024) in SkyRenders package and then I enter the SkyZoneInfo into the box. I then return to my terrain and set the adjoining walls and ceiling to "Fake Backdrop" and Build all. I press "K" and see box-like seams in the skybox "projection". I flipped every side but still no luck, as well as aligning them to Box. Still nothing.
    I have been following along with several tutorials including the VTMs and still haven't been able to find a solution for this.

    Yet Epic seems to do just fine with making theirs. Like the CTF-Face3 for example. What is their secret for a seamless skybox?

    the screenshot of the skybox seams and all, is included.

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    I think you will want to set your sky textures as "unlit" in the surface properties window. I dont know if its better to do this on the actual room you play in or the sky box, but give it a try
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    toa void seems you can try to make the skybox a little bit smaller than the texture size. If the texture is 512x512 then try a skybox of about 510x510 or something like that.

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