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Thread: DDS Dilemma

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    DDS Dilemma

    I am currently following along on the UT 2003 VTM "3ds max workflow" on creating a cube and then exporting the textures into max. Well when I get to the part about applying the textures, well more specifically opening the .DDS files (cel03HA and cel02HA) which I exported from UT2003, I get a "I/O error" everytime I open it or try to view it.

    I have 3ds max 6 so I don't know if that is the problem or not, but the VTM says something about max 5 having a plugin and the site to go to. So I get the plugin, and put it in the "stdplugins" directory, and upon loading max 6 get a message that "this plugin will not load on this version".

    Is there another alternative to exporting these things into max 6?


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    This is just cut and pasted from another person who had the same problem "These are from an older Atari forum post:I found while saving the reopened dds file in adobe photoshop, when it brings up the nVidia dds format screen, you should go into image options and check error diffusion. This solved my problems. 2. The prob is very simple in fact...all dds created before the installation of max 6 wont work...its a bug from, re-save ur file as dds and it'll work..."

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