OK since the help you guys gave me was so appriciative and very helpful. I got another curve ball. As I sayed I am using the maya 7.0 ple I forgot that idea for the .obj but the question is. How do I scale to fit the map screen. I have the map texture and exported it out of Unreal and put it back up on an image canvas. Next I set the grid up in Maya to Represent the Grid in Unreal.
In this case it is Lenth and width 1024 and th egrid lines are 16. Now here is the problem with the terrain texture already as an image screen with the image plane aka same thing as a image screen or Image Canvas and place the width and height to 1024 I start to model what I am trying to do. But here is the tricky Part when I export it back into Unreal The Model That I just did is still far to small to even wrap around the terrain in Unreal. Since this mesh will be as a xproc mesh I need to make shure tha tit lines up before I make it into the xproc mesh Thanks Just another curv ball kinda like life you think you got the program figured out then it throws another curve at you Just like life. You start to get a handle on life then something else happenes lol