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Thread: Laptop for 3d?

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    Laptop for 3d?

    Hi all, I'm going to be buying a laptop primarily for making 3d (Maya) in the near future. Can anyone recommend any particular brand/models?

    Misc accessories such as DVD burner is nice, but not a must. Non-shared memory is a must as well as a nice big screen.

    Looking to spend about $1500 - $2000.
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    Well, I am not sure if it is within your price range or not, but the Dell Precision laptops are excellent for 3D. They come with a Quadro chip built into them. Not sure if it will fit in your price range, but you can goto Dells site and customize the system to see if it can be brought down to your price range without losing a reasonable ammount of features. IBM also as a few laptops that have a FireGL T2 card in them. Those are worth a look into as well.

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    I've been using a Dell Inspiron 8600 for the past few months and it's been very good for 3d work as well as 2d and digital photography. It's got the Radeon 9600 vid card with 128 MB RAM, a 7200rpm HD, pentium M 1.7, and my favorite thing a 1920x1200 screen. I use MAX and Maya along with photoshop on a regular basis and it runs them all quickly. My configuration came to around $2200. You can find some good web coupons for dell from time to time and they seem to have new special offers pretty much every week on their website. I got a free DVD burner as a special when I bought mine.

    This website is a good resource for looking into laptops:

    I looked around it for a couple of weeks before I made my decision.

    Good luck.

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    Any of the dell Inspiron series starting from the 5000 series and up should be good. The 1100 series has shared memory. I've actually got the Inspiron 1100 and run 3d apps on it. Everything runs great. I've got 1gb of ram in it and it uses 64mb of that for video. Not what I preferred, but it was what i could afford. Plus, I rarely use the laptop, it's just for when I'm away from my powerhouse desktops.
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    I've been looking at eMachine m6809. It comes with a huge screen, not that heavy, lots of RAM and hard drive space with an Athlon processor. I don't think it's much more past your price range.

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