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    Getting rid of background colour when importing text for use with particles

    I have followed this tutorial ...

    and the end result is fine apart from the fact that the background of the text image is visible, how do i get rid of it?
    I originally created the image in photoshop and turned off the visibility on the background so it is just the bare text, but as soon as its saved then a white background is automatically placed behind the text and this shows up with the text in combustion.
    With the default 'DISCREET' word this does not happen, and just the bare text shows up, so how do i get it to do this with my own word?
    Ive tried applying discreet keying to the 'WORD' in the workspace menu to try and key out the background black, but nothing happens , so i presume its not possible that way?
    Im sure its a simple procedure but im fairly new to combustion so have no idea how to do it!!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    When you save your image in Photoshop you need to save it in a format that supports alpha channels (ie: .TIF or .TGA). This will preserve the transparency of the background so that when you load it into combustion you should just get the text.


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    Ah nice one mate, thanks a lot!!

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