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    A site for my friends company!

    Okay, i guess most of u wont understand the launguage, but u can see cant u


    So what do u think?

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    First of all, very good vectorart you've made (those human faces)
    , I like 'em alot!

    The color choise is good, but maybe change the color of the black buttons (Om oss etc)... And find a better font and make the size a bit smaller (stil at the Om oss buttons)

    Otherwise looking good!

    Mycket snyggt gjort!

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    Very nice artwork!

    Just a couple of things caught my attention:

    1) The CSS-styled links use a black background. This works alright in your navigation bar, but looks a little odd in your body content. Consider creating a new link style for your body links. Perhaps a different shade of orange for the background colour, or maybe even good old underline.

    2) This is a pet-peeve of mine...links that look like they should go to a new page, but instead launch my email client. It's frustrating because the my computer halts momentarily while my email client fires up, and there's no way to stop it. In general I only add mailto links to text that looks like an email address ( - like you have in your Contact section.
    Also, the "Mail" link in your navigation menu seems a little redundant because you already have a "Contact" section. Consider getting rid of the Mail menu item altogether.


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    Tananger, Norway
    Må nok si meg enig med Asphalt.

    Ellers synes jeg siden glir fint inn i samlingen av fine design. Siden er fin og enkelt å navigere seg rundt i. Banneren er svært stilig og den gir siden det lille ekstra som skiller siden ut fra mengden av middels gode sider.

    Stå på og eksprimenter med forskjellige effekter rundt om på siden, men for all del ikke overdriv.

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