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    Dual Athlon qeustions

    I'm building a new system and been doing a little research. I can't seem to come up with a solution that I'm satisfied with

    Here's my dilema:
    1) I can't seem to find an Athlon MP that uses the thoroughbred core. I've only seen XP with the thoroughbred core. I've been told XPs can be used on a dual MB, but I'd rather maximize the dual architexture by using the MPs. So, does a MP CPU exist with the thoroughbred core?

    2) I'm also running into another difficulty in that, from what I have seen, there is no MBs that support PC2700 that also support MPX technology...only MP. The only boards I've seen that support MPX are the ones that only support PC2100 (or 1600).

    I would prefer to buy the latest and greatest technologies but I seem to run into these contradictions.

    I'm looking for some advice or thoughts about this. What do you guys recommend as a solution to either of these dilemas? Are the advantages in using MPs over XPs in a dual board significant? Does the Thoroughbred core offer any real performace gains over the Palomino core? Is the MPX technology, with slower ram, offset by the gains of MP with faster ram?

    Any help and opinions would be great. Any references from websites would be extremely helpful as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You will find everything you want to know at
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    there isnt a MP that has the thoroubred to my knowledge.
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    The next MP (2200+) will be a thoroughbred as far as I know.

    Sadly I havent heard of any updates to their MP chipset line before the Hammers arrive en masse. So no PC2700 for quite some time I would think.

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    There's no reason you can't actually use PC2700 on the current AMD dual boards. The problem is there much more stable if you use registered and using unbuffered limits you to the first two slots (on the boards that will run non registered ram) Further, none of the boards using the MPX chipset overclock too hightly, max is about 150fsb so there's no real benfit to using anything other than PC2100. If you want to be stable, buy high quality PC2100 ECC registered.

    As for MP's with the thoroughbred core, i don't see any advantage to them other than they'll be at faster speeds. Tougher to keep cool as well. I have the MSI K7D Master L board with two MP 1800's and they easily run at MP2000 speeds. As for the XP or MP debate. The XP's work fine for a lot of people but there's no guarentee, there is with MP's. Furthermore the MP's multipliers are factory unlocked so no need to go voiding your warranty. It's worth the extra money in mu opinion for peace of mind.

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    I agree with mrmacca for is point, and right for, i found a lot of ressources there for building the Dual AMD MP that i want to buy in the near future.

    Go with PC2100 and a regular MP motherboard. Adn you could still check AMD for this, but i don't think they have the thoroubred.

    Anyway, just by running a 2 cpu system you will be amazed on our fast there going.

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