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    Problem Exporting to UED

    I have a weapon model made with Maya PLE, texture coordinates layed out, its triangulated I ran poly cleanup, I checked my normals and ran a normals/average to see if any of them changed and its got a simple firing animation thats basically the same as the VTM on weapon design.

    When I do a skeletal mesh export to UED I can select my custom package in UED and my weapons name is available as are the two animations idle and Fire and I can view the bones animating, but I cannot see the model. I tried messing around with some options but I don't really know what I am doing, and in the VTM they had some default ground texture or something applied so I assumed that UED would apply something. Do I just need to apply a texture to it or does this mean there was an error importing the model so UED just can't draw it?


    Ok well I checked my editor log and I spotted this.

    Log: * Skeletal skin Points: 0 size 12
    Log: * Skeletal skin Wedges: 0 size 12
    Log: * Skeletal skin Triangles: 0 size 12
    Log: * Skeletal skin Influences: 0 size 8
    Log: * Skeletal skin Bones: 2 size 64

    Looks like my model isn't getting into the editor. =(

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    It sounds like you exported it without a texture from maya. It needs to have a texture applied when exporting ,then you can change it later i unrealed. The bubbly ground texture is a default texture that gets applied to your mesh automatically. You change this under the skins rollout.

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    hmm, its got the standard blinn shader and I changed its "color" to be this texture
    via the shader attributes.

    Is there another method I should be using to apply a texture?

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