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    Makesomthing unreal contest start and deadline.

    Does anyone when the 3rd or 4th Phase to the Makesomthing unreal contest start and deadline.

    I want to make a map with the new engine and submit after I purchase the 2k4 Special edition.

    Also, is there a site were someone can submit maps for play or just to get them out on the net ???



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    I dont know about the Mastering Unreal contest but the best place (IMHO) to get maps out there is

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    The deadline for the 3rd phase recently got extended to May 30 "to give people additional time to take advantage of the new features of UT2004".

    As far as I know it's fixed at 3 phases.
    From here:

    "The idea behind having three phases is to encourage people to enter early and often, and to keep improving their mods over time. You can enter the same mod in all three phases of the contest but, in order to be judged, there must be noticeable improvements to the mod upon the second or third submission."

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