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    I´ll have it rolled in during animation pretty much the whole time, but i also need it to be nesrlx straight at some moments so i thought it would be easier to set it up and skin it that way instead of modeling the tail allready rolled in.

    I actually think that it might be nit thin enough, as i have a lot of pictures that show chameleons that are really thin, but i´ll see if it needs fixing.

    The only thing i need now is the inside of the mouth.

    GOD i don´t have any idea on how to do the tongue.

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    Here's some blurb on the tongue's mechanics. I doubt it will help :

    As an approximation I think you could have a near-straight, full length tongue modelled, which is normally inside the whole of the chameleon's body, and shoots straight out and back for the animation.

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    nice little critter you got there

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    very nice

    Cant wait to see him textuered! Keep up the good work!
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    Hey, that looks Sooooooo sweet!
    Great work!

    Now for texturing!

    Heres a photo I took of a Jeweled Chameleon from Madagascar when i was there a couple of years ago. Just sittin on a fence it was. Bizzare colours!

    The only place that ones going to be camoflaged is on a pizza!
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    Your spell-checker is not as effective as think.

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    lookin good...

    reminds me of budweiser commercials but doesnt exactly resemble them...

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