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    3D Software & Export Plugin Reference

    There is no answer I can give you because it is you that uses the program, not me. With that being said any threads that are about "Which software is right for me" or "Maya vs Lightwave vs Max" threads will be deleted from now on. Why? These threads offer no help at all. They always endup with what I just said, it is up to YOU to decide which software YOU like the most!

    If you need help choosing which 3d package is right for you, here are links to demo versions of a wide variety of 3d software. Try until you find something you like, then stick with it.

    Rhino 3D

    Cinema 4D

    Milkshape 3d



    3d Studio Max


    Softimage XSI
    Comunity Center:



    Wings 3d

    If I missed a 3d package that offers a demo, pm me with the software name and URL.
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