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    Unrealscript Limits!

    A friend of mine recently came to me and asked what the limits on unreal script were. I said there were none as far as modding went. He then said, "Well what about a MMORPG?".

    Needless to say I was baffled. I've heard of some awesome stuff being done with UnrealScript and wondered if it's possible to change the feel of the game to a different Genre.

    Seems Impossible to me. I offered my Unreal Script expertise is anyway I could but it seems so farfetched to me. Has anyone heard of this before? Can it be accomplished? Will the actionscript be able to make this happen or will we have to use a different engine?

    PS -- If you'd like to help out contact myself at

    Thanks for the help in advance guys. Enlighten me with your genius.
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    well the MMORPG Lineage ][ is being made with the Unreal Engine... but they have access to the really deep down source fo the engine, so they can modify it pretty much to their will...

    as for modding UT2003/4 to become a MMORPG... that would proabbly be incredibly difficult, if at all possible.

    i think the main obstacle for the Lineage ][ team was getting the map system to work.. since Unreal uses small 1 time loadign maps, btu they needed seemless loading over a huge world...
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    it depends on what you consider 'Massive.' a 32 player fully persistant server/cluster of servers would make for a reasonably 'massive' game. The only thing preventing true 'massiveness' is the capped player max.
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    Moving the thread to the scripting section.

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    Didn't they suceed with it HL2 in Natural Selection? I know the engines are different, but you would think with the newer engine it would be accomplishable.

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