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Thread: good avi player

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    Question good avi player / how to chop up avi files

    I need a player that can view avi files frame by frame. I have searched all around and cant find any that work. I have one, but it isnt working for the specific file that i need it for.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks
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    If you are using Max, you can render your animation for Targa file output, you can then view the individual frames via the RAM player in Max


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    I already have the avi file. I am trying to load it into the RAM player right now, I didnt think of that, thanks. I dont know if it is going to work though because this file has not been working in most of my video players. Also, it is going to take about a day to load this whole video file, it has 125,515 frames Im still looking for a player that I dont have to load all of the frames into if possible

    Ya know what, I only need about 80 of those frames, anyone know of anything I can use to chop up the file? that would make it alot easier.
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    Open the file in virtualdub ,then scrub along the timeline until you find the start of the frames you want.
    Go to edit menu,and on the frame you want to start on,click set selection start (HOME hotkey).
    Then you can use the arrowkeys to jump 1 frame forward,
    or you can scrub the timeline again,
    until you find the end of the 80 frames.
    Then go back to the edif menu and click on selection end (hotkey END).
    Then go into the audio menu,make sure direct stream copy and source audio is checked,
    and then go into the video menu and make sure direct stream is checked there too.
    Then just hit F7 to save a new avi,choose a location and OK it

    That should be about it.
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    but be sure you have a codec selected I had to cut an avi up 2 days ago and I used Virtualdub too. After I had saved 3 clips I got a warning my harddisk was full. I got three 5GB files and they were only 7 minutes long
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    Export to QT and you're good to go.
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    wow, virtual dub rocks, it solved all of my problems, thanks

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