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    Smile Suggestions and Comments Please
    I would appreciate feedback on this site. Try the form for a Newsletter on the "Contacts" page - no I will not spam you and yes I will send a newsletter when I am completely up and running. One thing I am having a problem with, is the Java Applets in Netscape 6 & 7 browsers on the Mac, any help would be appreciated. The tutorial on "Free Stuff" page is in development, but usable. For experienced graphics people I suggest using an Alpha channel to eliminate the background.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback,


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    Hey looks pretty cool..But have you tried other colors for the background other than black...Or something to tie it all together..I guess it seem like the buttons and everything are just out there in the middle of just an empty viod of black..But I guess if your going a basic set up cool...But if your going the distance...Maybe a border around some stuff ...something just to tie it together....

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