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    I vote to install map voting on the server.
    That would help a great deal I think.
    Cause there are times I want to play something other than the DM maps 3DBuzz has installed.
    ... especially with the awesome ping I get on the server...

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    Put the VTM Level on there! That would be awesome!

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    Lets bring it up...

    Hey maybe someone, I'm volunterering, can bring this up on the radio show? So let's see what we want to ask for.... Yeah, map voting, so we can get access to all the UT2004 content. I don't know who else is up for it, but we could consider a 3Dbuzz league? If anyone else has ideas, we can raise them on the radio show or PM JHawk.


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    is there a new server for UT2oo4? If so what is it?

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    Yeah i also think map vote should be used.
    Just dont have it set so that more kills = more vote as i think this suks. One vote per player and you get to see the maps people like. After all if your running a server its for peopleto play on and enjoy so why not give them "the players" the right to vote.
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    Yea it sucks to get more vots with the induviual score, i had 322 points on a n00b ONS server (24 players), 200 points more than all the other players together. . If all the other players voted for one map with about 200 votes, i alone could vote for another map and that map would get 322 votes and win...
    That doesnt seem very fair.
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    PS I love ut 2k3
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    does anyone play 2k3 anymore i vote that we change the server to ut2k4 because that would be awsome

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