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Thread: cut brush ?

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    ninla7 Guest

    Exclamation cut brush ?

    hmm ye i sound un pro but hy... i cant find it any ware
    i tryed "load brush, reset all ,reset pivit " and i still can not find cut brush

    should have tryed this in first place im slipping
    hmm ok what i just happend was because i had 1 view port exspanded when i reset view ports it poped up seems to be a few odd things happen on exspanded view port ..hope they fix them soon

    ps. cool little 4 player dm i started before will be finished soon maybe to night and joy no map book needed as smalest map iv ever made..

    just 3 statics short of gold :P hmm just got shuffle my uted to D:
    ran out of space :|

    dm-funky moss is now ctf moss as this dm is cool
    screeny of dm-hell_donut all statics will be my own by tomorrow as i need sleep now as u see still needs work
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    ninla7 Guest

    Thumbs up what pritty statics
    do i get a silver star or some thing ?

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