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    StuntPeople Website Design

    Hey, would someone check out the design/functionality of this website? I'm not sure about how well it would work. I put it up on the actual site, but the owner of the site changed the color scheme, and I don't really agree with him. Also, I got no/very littel feedback on it, so if I could see what people like and what I whould change, it would help a lot, thanks!

    here's the site

    Thanks again! (I hope someone'll read this)

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    well- it works.

    only crits -

    maybe a bit more work on the interface?

    just some little aliasing problems. and maybe some mouseover or something like that... give a little user interaction?

    one last thing - its not consistant. what i mean is- i click to go to another page and its completely different.
    need to keep the one sytle. you dont want people thinking they have jumped to another web site etc - it also helps to giving the sites its own unqiue image etc -

    hope that helps,

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    Thanks a lot

    Hey thanks a lot.

    But actually, it does jump to a different page. I just designed the front page, and the actual site is on a different server, sorry.
    I don't think I can do any mouseover effects, because it's an imagemap, but I thought I can replace the center image with text using some quick DHTML. Do you think this would help?
    thanks a lot! i was afraid no one would see it.
    I will take into account what you said, for sure


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    I thing the same as that other guy. the interface isnt that good.

    besides i supose you could make mouseover pics if you want to work with dhtml anny way it isnt that hard

    i dont like the colors either but that is just your own tasted
    last thing i thins some stuff is verry big . i am working on high screen resolution and still see everthing verry big.
    what if some one has got a lower res.

    i have to see the rest for more comment
    keep good work up

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    Pretty cool site, but I agree with the previous posts. Considering how "shiny" the nav is, it didn't seem like I was pressing on a button. Also, after I pressed the review button, I was kinda hoping that I wouldn't have to use the browser back button to go back to the main menu. It would be more efficient if each page was linked to each other. One last thing, not to be a jack*ss, but is there a point to make the pictures on the main page fade when you move your mouse over? I had to run my mouse over each pic to see clearly what it is. But all in all...nice page

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    Cool your site

    All in all not too bad.

    There is a problem with consistency and ease of navigation throughout. No links other than using a "back" button doesn't make a user very happy.

    The lack of interaction is a concern and can easily be fixed. The graphic you used on the front page should contain rollover effects, easy to introduce if you get away from using image maps and into sliced images.

    What graphics package did you use to make your interface? PhotoShop includes image ready which will create the rollovers for you and write the code. Or you could head on over to and do a bit of reading.

    Again though not too shabby, it could use some polish though.

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    Mouseover effects would help and you may also wish to change the color of your anchor tags to give the text decoration a bit more contrast against the background.

    good luck!
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