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    Lightbulb My website is up!!!

    hi guys,

    I uploaded my personal website yesterday. I am still working on some things for it. I was wondering if you could all have a look at it and tell me what you think of it.



    PS. U may notice that the server to which I uploaded my file is pretty slow. Can you advise me to any company that offres free ASP hosting with FTP?

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    I dont know why but my favorite picture in the 3D gallery is the study room. I also like the color balls.

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    Good job on the layout and nav. You will find problems with almost any 'free' hosting service. Even if you find everything you want from a user perspective, viewers will be hit with annoying banners and popups. Nothing is truly free ... except maybe the Buzz training CD's

    good luck with the site!
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    Nice site. Here's my critique:
    • Why do you use Flash? I've turned it off because I don't care for it. This means that I couldn't access your news page. A simple mouse-over would duplicate the Flash effect and it wouldn't leave people without Flash standing.
    • The text-size is fixed. This means that users can't adjust the size themselves if they find it too small. Try changing the text-size here on 3dbuzz and you'll see what I'm looking for.
    • I might be a good idea to add the news to the front page. It feels a bit empty as is. This will also eliminate the Flash button and save the user a mouse click. Perhaps you should add small teasers of the various sections on the frontpage. A text button named Tutorials might not be enough to convince me to click. An additional small thumbnail of something snazzy and a promise that you could teach me that effect, on the other hand, might be enough.
    • I reckon that you'll use this site as a professional showcase of your portfolio, right? If that's the case then I'd suggest that you remove the Acrobat, Quicktime, Winzip and voting buttons (or at least move them off the frontpage).
    • The Home icon looks like it's misaligned compared to the others. Try moving it 1px up.
    • I had to press enter to search. The image below below the textfield looks like button and it should act like one. You only confuse people by not making it active. See for a great search implementation IMO.
    • Using any of the Skill links on the tutorial page gives me an ugly MS error message ([Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]General error Unable to open registry key 'Temporary (volatile) Jet DSN for process 0x560 Thread 0x24c DBC 0x232cdec Jet'.).
    • The VCard on your contact page didn't work. If it contains your name and address then why not just print it directly on the page in plain HTML? Making the information hard to get will only scare away potential employers.
    HTML tested fine in IE6 and Opera. NS 4.7 showed... something.

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