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    if you're still having problems loading your movie into the popup window, what you can do is build your site/navigation in a separate swf file and call that swf into the popped up window. I've found that absolute addressess (http://www.mysite/whatever.swf) work better than relative addresses (whatever.swf), and I can't exactly explain why that is so, other than that macromedia ships out buggy software.
    lastly, (although you've probably already thought of this) stick your looping animation into a separate movie clip. It's easier to keep things like that off of the main timeline.

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    Somewhere between a rock and a hard place!

    Spank you ! Spank you very much!

    Thanks I make a trade with one of you guys...Maybe ...I give you my site put it together...and I'll build any 3D thingy that you'd like with animation for your site. HMMMMM? Just a thought....


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