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    Cool New and IMPROVED I-12 class at RCenter

    New class begins Jan 5th, 2004
    Housing is Included with the course price! That's 3 months of housing at no additional cost!

    How badly do you want to learn Maya? The Renaissance Center is offering a rare opportunity: Free Rent for 3 months!

    This I-12, however, is a bit special. In fact, we’ve renamed it the I-12X, and added a tremendous amount of extra content never before seen in a Renaissance Center animation classroom! You see, the class already offered the following topics:

    Boot Camp
    Poly Modeling
    NURBS Modeling
    Character Animation
    Production Project
    MEL I and II
    Lighting and Rendering
    Paint and Fluid Effects

    Now, with the initiation of the I-12X , we’ll also be forcing the following topics upon your unsuspecting little heads! (Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

    Concept Art and Storyboarding Techniques – Starring professional artist Derek Stevens

    This class will teach you how to create your very own concept art for your animation projects! Even if you’re not artistically inclined, or have never seen a drawing pencil before, Derek will help to get you up to speed putting your ideas on paper before you create them in the machine!

    The Buzz Two-Day “Trial by Fire” Challenge – Be afraid… be VERY afraid…

    This super-intense challenge will separate the posers from the true animators! The challenge itself will be on a Thursday and Friday, but don’t be surprised if you need the entire weekend to get the project to Buzz’s standards!

    Introduction to C++ Programming – The backbone of Technical Directing

    This class will take you into the world of programming, to give you the edge on your competition! This beginning-to-end C++ class will supplement the programming skills acquired in the MEL class, but will push them a step farther to introduce you to the Maya Application Programming Interface!

    The Maya API -

    After you have acquired a thorough understanding of the C++ programming language, we will show you how to use those skilsl to generate your own plug-ins for Maya! Reshape Maya in your own image, or just add your own tools to it! Make yourself invaluable to potential employers by showing them that you can create your own customized additions to Maya’s already massive toolset!

    Buzz and Zak will all be involved with teaching the various classes, along with The Renaissance Center’s own Forrest Goodyear-Brown!

    The class is still the same price of $6,500.00, even with all of this new content! Housing is included in this rare opportunity!

    Interested? Do you think you have what it takes to handle three-months of the Maya I-12X? Then sign up NOW!! Class begins January 5, 2004! Contact Laura Jackson at immediately! There’s not much time left, and seats are filling on a daily basis!

    And remember, The Renaissance Center is a partner with Sallie Mae, and we are qualified to offer great student loans! But be sure to contact Laura immediately, so that we can get the application faxed to you. Application is fast and easy, but you must act now!

    Thanks, and I hope to see you in class!


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    holy moley sure cant miss the new add for this bright green

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    Kinda short notice on this, but I'll see what I can do and if it is possible for me to try and get a flight on short notice. Not to mention the money to do this.

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    it's really amazing with all the new stuff... But still, with housing and plane tickets and all, you quickly look up to a steep 9 - 10000$ ... Ouch, wich i could afford that.

    But anyways, i just enrolled in a Maya class here in Belgium, certainly not up to buzz's standards, but it will have to do for now...

    keep those X'es coming!

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    Originally posted by enygma
    Kinda short notice on this, but I'll see what I can do and if it is possible for me to try and get a flight on short notice. Not to mention the money to do this.
    Not really. The I12 starting in September is not new news. There are several 3D Buzz members that have been signed up for a while now. The only new news is the fact that I decided to cram in more material


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    oh noooooooo!!!!!!!!! not the challenges!!!!!!!!!! You have driven me insane with them!!!!!!!!

    And be sure if Buzz says you will be needing the entire weekend, you won't be sleeping untill monday morning!!! And then he probably will be waiting for you guys with his stopwatch!!!!

    mwa ha hahahahaha!


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    westiemad Guest
    *Bangs head on desk*

    Now I'm gonna have to come back to learn the API, C++ and how to draw . Sounds like good fun, and the challenge sounds interesting (imagines huge constraint animations involving crowds playing pass the parcel).


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    Buzz I hope you are still going to be doing these types of classes and even better ones in the next 2years time, when I'll have finished my college course. And given myself enough time to save the money

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    Darn it I can't wait to get there on saturday!
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    Originally posted by JakobG
    Darn it I can't wait to get there on saturday!
    You lucky b******.
    I have to get some money together for the next one

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