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    Security Camera Multiplayer fix

    If you watch Buzz's VTM for the security camera he says towards the begining of the video that the security camera only works in a single player game, or in an offline game.

    Angel Mapper has a fix for this on her site.

    I'll just post the most important part.


    Maabus from the Atari forums has also come up with a solution to getting the cameras to work online..

    In the Actor browser, right click on the CameraTextureClient and hit New. Give it a name, and set the Package to mylevel. Hit OK and a new window will pop up. Hit the Compile Changed Scripts button (three sheets of paper), then once it's done, close out that window. In the Command line at the bottom of UEd, type editdefault class=mycameratextureclient, or whatever name you gave it. This will pop up the default property window for it. Under None, look for RemoteRole, and change it to ROLE_SimulatedProxy. Close it out, then use this class instead of the normal CameraTextureClient and it will work online. You may have to uncheck Placeable Classes Only in the Actor browser to get it to show up.

    *I had no problems on the "placeable" part.
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    Post Quick Notes

    I'd say I'm at the intermediate mapping level, soon to be moving to an advanced mapper...

    Helpful hints:

    As said previously WATCH THE 3DBUZZ VTMs, they're invaluable for seeing how things are done.

    Complete your map before you populate it with meshes, gameplay is #1, if you like it without them, you'll love it with them.

    Remember, you can make a brush and convert it to a mesh to be used over and over again.

    No limit on what you can put in MyLevel, but it WILL increase file size significantly making it a long download for some mappers...

    Terrain doesn't mean ground, try using terrain on the ceiling too... (cave maps do this)

    A map theme is good, but combining two themes in a map is even better. Try juxtaposing 2 against each other to create unique environments, (Ancient/Modern , Jungle/Tech , etc.)

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    Not sure if this applies to Unreal Editor 3, but it does work in the UDK. A quite helpful hint I can give is:

    When tweaking a Vehicle and you want to see the size of the wheels you have (not on the model, the ones actually generated through your code), hit Tab and type in "nxvis collision" and you can see the wheels represented by a 2d circle.

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    Hey I haven't made any maps yet, but I did just have an environment design class.

    One thing that I picked up was to find inspiration for your design, whether it's a song or a poem or a space that you've been too or imagining, find inspiration, do plenty of research.

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    hey I'm relatively new to mapping and the UDK, but I just found that if you create terrain at 16 by 16 and then scale it by 64 with a tesselation of two it fills the editor and seems to run. Next I'm going to try keeping this in my persistent level with distance streaming and stream everything else through kismet.

    Words of wisdom don't use a point light scaled up to fill the editor, use a directional light.

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    Hi budy Its work when grid size is lower. Try it again . Because i do same.

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