Hi all,

I noticed that polymath and co. from the Lounge are colaborating on an animation project (The big Idea thread). They have set up their own site from which to co-ordinate everything from. I think I remember reading in the thread that they've got on to Buzz about getting a page set up on this site with links to their site and any other members projects sites that may materalise in the future.

This got me thinking. Although their site is all well and good and serves it's purpose quite adequately, how about haveing an off the shelf template site that members can host their projects from.

I don't want to be stepping on 3dbuzzez toes or anything, but I was thinking along the lines of using the same styling and logos form this site in order to make an affiliation, but instead of the predominant blue of Buzz, have a different colour so that it's still clear that it is not Buzz - if you follow.

This way when more members start working on projects together, they can get their template site from here and be up and running in no time. Also it would look more professional if the links to projects sites which were accessed from a page here on 3dbuzz took you to sites that had some sort of continuity between themselves and the 3dbuzz site - almost as an extention of Buzz if you will.

It's only my crazey half assed idea - so you may not feel the same. If anyone likes it though, would you be willing to design and build the site as I'm not a web designer and know very little about it. You would also have to run everything by Buzz and clear it first.