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    Coding - ColdFusion to be or not be


    I have read a bit about ColdFusion and we did our final project with it at uni. My queation to guys is how big of a market will it get now when Macromedia have bought Alliare??
    Will it be able to compete with ASP, PHP, JSP??


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    I thought Macromedia brought Allaire ages ago, well they do at least own ColdFusion and Homesite. Some of the E-Commerce companies I design for used Cold Fusion up to about 2 years ago but they switched to ASP since most of their clients were impementing it. They are all heading to .Net which is what I will be doing as well by the looks but I'm used of ASP and find it does everything I need. The thing with CF is that it is rather expensive but it has more compact code. I think its debateble if it will be still around in five years time and I would rather put my energy into .NET since it is a lot more popular and I'm happy with ASP, Javascript and VBScript.


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    Hey, I'm quite new to this since I only used DW and did some php but: What's the major advantage of using ColdFusion? (maybe compared to DW ord Ultradev)


    P.S. I'm asking these stupid questions to decide which programs might be worth learning.
    it's never too late...

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