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    can you create collision volumes in lightwave?

    Is it possible to create custom collision volumes for static meshes using Lightwave? If so, how would i export them in a format UnrealEd understands?

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    i could easily be wrong, but the tutorial on static meshed that i downloaded from 3dbuzz actualy said that creating custome volumes wasnt enabled with unrealed for ut2003.

    if you are talking about karma/ragdoll effects.

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    I don't think he is talking about that. I think he is talking about a simple collision shape to block karma from entering the object.

    If it's done anything like in max you simply make a simple closed shape around your model and name it "MCDCX_YourNameHere". Upon import UED will recognize the MCDCX_ as collision. That is if it works in lightwave too.

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