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    Package has changed ?

    What is the deal when after you work on a map and go to close out the editor says package has changed and prompts you to name it ?

    If I'm only using default static meshes and not custom stuff I shouldn't have to save anything but my map am I right ?

    I seem to remember that last map I got this also and I didn't save anything but the map turned out ok.
    I saved the actual map file of course.

    The map Im working on now I did make a static mesh out of three different meshes already inculded in the game.
    Do I need to save it to MyLevel package or not ?

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    Just say no whenever you are asked to save Package#. They do not contain vital stuff. Don't know what they are, but maybe cache files that UED creates.

    If you make your own static mesh you have to save them. Either in the mylevel package wich will save when you save your map. Or in another named package that you must save yourself in the appropiate browser.

    If you just put three static meshes together, no need to save anything. If you made a new one do save it in a new package.

    But again do not save any of the package# files. they contain nothing thats in your map.

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    Thank You

    Thanks for the help
    Thats what I been doing all along but wasn't sure I was doing the right thing.

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