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    Question Question for those working in the field

    Is a College Degree a necessity?

    I am looking a a career change and don't know how best to pursue it. I went to college with a non-CG related major, but never completed college.

    I am now married with a family and working full time and cannot go back to school to get a degree in the field of CG modeling and animation.

    I am considering the purchase of 3D Studio Max, going through as many tutorials as I can and the online class that is comming, and creating a demo reel from there. The question is, is that enough to get a job with the competition in the market (provided it's good enough), or do you need a completed degree as well?

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    If you're good enough, you don't need a degree.

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    I've spoken to plenty of people (online) who have 3d - CG related jobs with degrees in unrelated areas, and those with no degrees whatsoever.

    Concentrate on the art, and your portfolio rather than a fancy piece of paper and you'll be set.
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    Being an employer (not in the 3d world yet unfortunatley) I base my decission (sp ?) on whether to employ some on three factors in this order of priority

    1: Have they got talent ?
    2: Do they have a pleasent manner ?
    3: Can they do the job ?

    if the answer is yes to all three then I'll ask about qualifications, but only out of curiosity.

    Hope this helps
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