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    Do you need any previous knowledge in another computer language to use Unrealscript???

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    No, you don't, but it would help immensely. As with any language, the idea of creating logical statements and the use of operators are all very similar between different languages. If you know C++, Java, or Javascript, then you will catch on quickly because the syntax is similar. Click on Video Training above, and watch through the VTMs regarding Unreal Script. This will give you a good idea what you will be doing.

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    If you don't know anything about anything, the vtm's will still get you to be able to make simple mods. However, it would probably help to know either c/c++ or java if you wanted to have a really strong grasp of what exactly is going on. But for you, I'd just recommend watching those VTM's, they're directed towards people that don't have any programming experience.

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