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    Lightbulb Links to Maya Tutorials Online - come one, come all!

    It hit me when I was asked where I get all the links from, that we only have a sticky on good maya books... why not links to online resources?

    General links (similar to 3DBuzz in having more than just Maya topics):
    • 3D Palace, officially "The international federation for the culling of Ewoks, oh and video tutorials" led by Ol_Blue. Runs tutorials on a similar basis to 3D Buzz - video training by contributors to the site, and active forums. A good bookmark.
    • 3D Festival have some excellent tutorials and information from the experts.
    • High End 3D have loads of Maya tutorials, but also lots of other programs eg 3ds max and lightwave. Note: The link goes directly to the maya stuff.
    • Neil Blevins CG Resources has to be the largest list of links to online artists, reference materials, 3d communities and just about anything to do with CG and 3d that I have ever come across... It's HUGE!!
    • Renderosity has links, tutorials, forums and galleries.
    • 3D Links is full of links, news and reviews all related to the 3D industry.
    • 3D Cafe has a lot of stuff to look through, not been there enough to comment.
    • 3D Artist has a monthly magazine (now reached it's final issue) and has many links to companies, industry contacts, artists and more.
    • 3D Total has a good number of tutorials, links and others for 3D. (Last 4 links courtesy of Z)
    • has a ton of tutorial links for everything, not just maya, but crazy things like Mathematics and Cooking!! Thanks to mastermesh for the link.
    • New linkPatrick (Spe199)'s fantastic list of hundreds of different links for loads of 3D tutorials.

    Maya Specific Links
    • Alias Wavefront How To's deal with all sorts of topics surrounding maya.
    • Creative Cow only has a couple, but worth looking at.
    • Gnomon Workshop Freebies from the makers of some of the best tutorials you'll find on Maya, a good selection of free lessons.
    • Lost Pencil usually have the odd one or two free tutorials, of good quality, and currently there is a decent maya tutorial up.
    • The Maya Association has many many links to resources both offline and online, as well as information on some of the companies currently using Maya.
    • has a selection of tutorials, from beginners to advanced users.
    • Simply Maya is a good site for all sorts of maya queries, and 'has a new download system implemented for people with slower connections' (no idea, sorry).
    • Snake Plissken has a very good, simple and easy to follow tutorial on modelling a subD human hand, and a tutorial on stitching (which I haven't seen myself).
    • Three Dimensional has two tutorials on modelling a NURBS head and a Polygon head.

    Collection Sites - by which I mean sites that link or refer to other sites - these guys have MASSES of tutorial links
    • Tutorial Find does exactly what it says on the tin
    • Boris 3D is a German with the best list of sites, to my mind, of free tutorials online.

    Phew! Hope that helps some of you out there! By all means anyone that knows of other good links post them here.

    If you post in this thread please ensure the link is not allready posted and only post links to tutorials. Your thanks will be assumed.

    -The management
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    Online Tutorials

    There are some very good streaming video tutorials at:

    Good for getting started in Maya, especially for character rigging.

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    I'm not a Maya user, but here's a pretty cool looking tut:

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    A ton om Maya tuts.

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    100 like buzz but smaler

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    Animation Tutorials

    Originally posted by fjoppe like buzz but smaler
    You should download Jeff Lew tuts, he was the lead character animator for the Matrix and other big productions, you can download his Dvds using peer to peer or order it from his website,
    A great start to learn 3D character animation!!!

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    for Noobs(which I am to Maya) I suggest, There's tons of tuts something like 1088 or so there.

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    Re: Links to Maya Tutorials Online - come one, come all!

    onsome more links.....will add more. but thats a great post .

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    this one i have found today. alot of resources for character animation. but not just this alot more. even for 3Dsmax as well as for maya

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    Yeah, the ones at are very good, just not as good as Buzz .... check them out nonetheless.

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