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    Unreal Technology Forum Rules & FAQ *Must Read*

    Read this before posting!

    Rules are as follows:

    1. No cursing in topic titles, or in posts. If you curse in the title, your thread will be deleted, and if you curse in a post it will be edited. This also includes spelling the words differently or blovking them out with ASCII characters. This is a professional community so you in turn will be expected to act professional.

    No cursing means no cursing!

    2. Absolutely no warez talk! This will not be tolerated on any level. This includes giving urls to sites with illegal content and no cd cracks. Thread will be deleted and you will face a posible ban from and your ip will be reported to the companies you are trying to jip.

    3. NO SPAM! Consider this your only warning. Also keep replies revalemt to the topic.

    4. Do not ask about new VTM series, courses or when a certain VTM will be completed. This section is for UT 2003, lets keep it that way. If you want to know about VTMs go to the Free Video Training Modules section here

    5. Respect other users and mods. This community is meant to help other people out. If you want to flame somebody, you can go elsewhere because it will not fly here. If a mod tells you to do something, do it and move on because it is not open for debate.

    Arguing will get you nowhere.

    If you see a thread that breaks anyone of these rules, feel free to report it to a moderrator or admin.

    Just follow the rules and you'll have a good time!

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    Before you start a thread about your mod, read this.

    Now, as we see more and more people coming here asking for a team to their "perfect" idea for a mod, i suggest everyone should read this: Mod Startups and also this: Modding etiquette
    This is NOT Criticue against your mod or your ideas and are not directed at a certain mod or person, just something to think of before you post your request for team members.

    Also, read this: Making mods
    This have lots of good information so i suggest you all read as much as you can/want.

    (PS. maybe its an good idea to make this a sticky?)
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    Scripting Posts FAQ

    Q: Do I need to know anything to learn UScript?
    A: Patience. While prior programming knowledge surely is helpful, its not necessary. Unrealscript is relatively easy to pick up, but pretty hard to master.

    Q: Is there a SDK (or: Where do I find the source code?)
    A: There are two ways to get your hands on the source code. You can download it off of the internet ( or you can export them yourself using UCC's batchexport command. Easier yet, open UnrealEd and in the Actor Browser (the button that looks like a Pawn from chess) under File, choose 'Export All Scripts.' It may take a while, but when it's all finished you will have a bunch of new folders in your base UT2k* directory, named after all of the stock packages.

    Q: What programs do I need?
    A: At the very least you need a text editor. Notepad will work, but many will tell you that you will be better off with a more robust editor. WOTGreal ( is through and through one of the very best you can find. In the end though, you should only use something youre comfortable using.

    Q: I want to make a TC mod, where do I start?
    A: You should start small first. Make a mutator, a weapon, maybe a Capture the Flag variant. Jumping in with both feet can be very discouraging when you get stuck. Best advice is to start small. Always start small.

    Q: How do I compile my code?
    A: Run UCC make to compile. If you're not using WOTGreal or another program that automates the compiling process you can use a batch file to compile for you. You will also need to add a line to your UT200*.ini located in the game's System folder. EditPackages is used to tell the compiler what needs to be created, so you would add your package at the end of the EditPackages list, like so.
    Here's a simple batch file that will compile for you. Save it as Compile.bat and run it whenever the time to compile comes around.
    @erase <YOURPACKAGE>.u
    @ucc make
    @echo Eat stew!

    Q: How different will UT2004's source code be?
    A: At the base its still the same. UT2004 will still use Controllers and Pawns and Weaponfire and Pickup and all that stuff. The GUI has changed, so you may have to re-learn a bit of that. Overall though, anything youve learned for 2k3 will still directly apply to 2k4.

    Q: Are there any good Unrealscript websites/forums?
    A: Yes there are!
    These forums
    The Wiki
    BeyondUnreal's Coding Forum
    The Unreal Developer Network
    The official Scripting Forum at Atari
    All have a wealth of knowledge and (if applicable) there is always someone who can give you a nudge in the right direction.

    Q: I want to learn how to script, where should I start?
    A: Join the UScript 101 class at, the VTM's are a great starting point and theyre much easier to understand than reading through pages upon pages of technical mumbo-jumbo. If the VTM's arent available to you for lack of a star, the Wiki has a nice 'Introductory' unreal script section which goes over most of the basics and a few other common topics. Wiki: UnrealScript Lessons

    Q: Why doesnt my code get formatted correctly when I post it?
    A: Wrap your code in the
    tags, which will display them in a uniform font and preserve all indentation. This makes it easier for both you and other readers to understand what is going on and it also makes some of the more common errors more noticable.

    Q: I changed what kind of missiles the rocket launcher shoots, but they dont ever get created in the game... Why?!
    A: The rocket launcher doesnt use the WeaponFire to create its projectiles like most weapons do, it uses it's own SpawnProjectile() function in RocketLauncher.uc that ignores what changes you've made to the weaponfire. Copy and paste that function into your new rocket launcher and tell it to spawn your rockets instead of the normal ones, that should fix up your problems

    Q: I made a new weapon that works fine in Instant Action mode, but when i host a server my friends never get the weapon, they cant even see me carrying it! What's wrong?!
    A: It could be a few things. But always check to make sure you have added your package to the ServerPackages list in the UT200*.ini. That will ensure that anyboy joining your server will have the required files.

    Q: This is a short FAQ, can I add questions?
    A: Yes, please do! Add away
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    IRC server/channel

    Just thought it might be a good idea to sticky a thread up here about the #UED IRC channel. I know there's a thread in the lounge about #3DBuzz, but I've seen a good number of folks there who end up asking questions about Unreal in there that go unanswered in piles of various other CG talk. Also, I noticed that the UnrealEd channel has a way of getting dangerously empty sometimes Anyway is it a good idea? Bad idea?

    UED channel Details:

    Port: 6667
    Channel: #ued

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    UT2004 UnrealEd Known Issues

    White viewports, missing viewports

    In UED's menu go to View, Viewports then configure... Select one of the options and the accept it.

    This should cure it...

    [edit, Mr. Slackpants]

    Selecting problems

    Also if you are unable to select anything in UED, it's an anti alliasing issue. Turn it off or as low as possible in windows or set it to progam preference. That will cure it. Sometimes you also need to turn off anisotropic filtering. But most times AA will do.

    Brightness problem

    Two things you can do when you can't see the grid in teh 2d shape editor or UED is just too right.

    1.) Edit the shortcut to the editor by opening it's properties in windows. Do not edit the editor.exe, but edit a link instead. So if neccecary create a shortcut. The target will read something like this "C:\UT2003\System\UnrealEd.exe", change it to "C:\UT2003\System\UnrealEd.exe -nogamma"

    When starting up UED it will not be so terribly bright.

    2.) When in the editor choose -> view -> advanced options. Open the display tab. In there change the brightness, contrast and gamma to your liking.

    For other frequently aked questions check the G.o.a.T 's UED FAQ. He has a FAQ with aswers to the most asked question about UED.

    Browser problems

    If you click one of the browser buttons and nothing appears there are some things that might cause it.

    If you run at 800 * 600 resolution the browsers will be of screen, so you won't see them.
    Or it might be that the browwsers can be found somewhere on the bottom of your screen, so look there and drag them back.

    Brush x: has null material references

    If you get this error it means that you didn't texture your walls. (i.e. the default ugly, bubly texture) If you want it to go away, simply retexture your walls with another texture.

    Dynamic lights work in UED, but not in-game

    That is correct. Many dynamic light effect where taken out of the game due to performance issues. You can still get them by giving an Emitter lighting properties, but your wise to not do this. Dynamic lights are real FPS killers and having only a few of them quickly decreases fps. It's better to achieve those type of effects with projectors and emitters.

    Where are the DrawScale3D fields located ?
    (credits go to keithathaide and kevstar90)

    To see the drawscale fields first make sure you have UT2003 or higher, any earlier build of the engine will not have those fields. (Unreal 2 editor will NOT have these fields either)

    If you do have that, but still don't see the fields make sure you're at a resolution of at least 1024x768. If you're at a lower resolution, those fields get clipped off.

    You can still change the drawscale in the actor's properties under the display tab. You can find the same drawscale settings in here.

    Why don't i see weaponbases in game or why do i hear "bottom feeder" when i playtest the map from within the editor ?

    If the weaponbases dissapear in game, you need to set a default gametype for your map. If you don't the game might pick "last man standing" as the gametype, which will hide the weaponbases. If you hear the message "bottom feeder" the gametype mutant was selected. To change it select a viewport and hit the F6 button. In the level properties that open go under "levelinfo" and change the "DefaultGameType" to "xGame.xDeathMatch" or any other gametype your making a map for. (xGame.xCTF, xGame.xBombingRun, xGame.xDoubleDom, xGame.xONSOnslaughtGame, etc)

    When I close UED I always get messageboxes that ask me if I want to save package[x], whats this about?

    If it asks to save package[x] simply click no.
    If its some other package that you have created you will probably want yes. Say no if you modify an official package.
    Submitted by MVP (Thanks!)

    My actor properties window has disappeared. How do I get it back?

    Here is how you can get back the Actor Properties Window once it has disapeared. If your editor is open then save your level and close it. Then go to your ut2004\system directory and edit your user.ini file in notepad. Search the file for the line starting with this:


    Delete that line and save you user.ini then close notepad. Now boot up your Ued and if you now open the Actor Properties window you will see it in its default position.
    Submitted by WindyBut_UK (Thanks!)

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