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    Woooa..thats deep...

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    Well, I also found in ut2k3 that when ADDING brushes instead of subtracting you get holes quite easily too and no you don't need much detail to get that. That's why I always try to subtract and work mostly with statich meshes.

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    when you add things like pillars, or little walkways of bsp, or anything added to the surface that is high poly, it should be converted into "semi solid" brush to avoid cutting up the bsp tree too much. pillars do this alot. every vertex will cut the bsp tree. so converting them to semi solids avoids this. however, make sure that there are no added space and semi solid space that is coplaner, as this can sometimes cause bsp holes.

    never add detail to your map once the zone portals are in. THEY GO IN LAST. zone portals cut the bsp tree, also, but they also simplify everything. adding a brush, or editing a brush, that is coplaner to a zone portal (and touching it in some way) will often cause random holes. adding trims that are coplaner to semi solid surfaces will cause holes. holes happen when you add most often, and sometimes whne you subtract and the brushes dont line up, or when any two adjacent brushes dont line up exactly. other effects, if you dont get holes, are lighting errors, or lightmaps not showing up wholy on a surface.

    merging polygons is another good way, though this doesnt always help, and sometimes makes things worse.

    complex brushes will rip the bsp tree into pieces, as well. more on this can be found here:

    the wiki is a good place to learn more, but its not usually for beginners. but then, beginners dont usually have bsp holes with their simple cube brushes. though sometimes they become unlucky, lol.

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    my ferst map had 220 bsp brushes and i had no holes :O now on 450 bsp brushes i get holes

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    my first map had 220 bsp brushes and i had no holes :O now on 450 bsp brushes i get holes

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