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    Angry U cant add Custom Pain, Jump and Death Sounds to Custom UTK3 Player Models!!?

    OK, I refuse to accept this.
    Bender does not have his own Death and Pain sounds...that's fuked. When I make a custom model....I want a custom model.

    The Bender model defaults to the UT2003 Bot death and pain sounds. Near as I can figure it's because the Bender.upl file has this code:


    This code points to the XGame.u file which is in ASCI I can't edit it.

    Can new "SPECIES" be added for sounds?

    I've been posting at polycount.........i'm hoping someone can prove me wrong.

    I sent an e-mail to eepers at epic games. He stated he would referr this to a coder.

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    I hope you get it sorted -Bender is central to my mapping as he playtests all my levels

    I agree it sux if he can't die in his own unique style

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    Create your own Specy with KAT maybe? ... you could change weight properties on your character's bones.

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