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    I would recommend using targa files instead of bmp or pcx, this may help you
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    Quote Originally Posted by xarius View Post
    I've only been here for half a day, and I've already seen far too many topics on this. Perhaps this calls for sticky post?

    If you are trying to import or export something from 3d Studio Max, here's what you do:

    From Unreal Editor to max -
    1. Open whatever you're exporting
    2. File->save as-> filename.obj (make sure you've got .obj and not .t3d)
    3. Once you have the file in obj format, open Max (or maya) and do a file->import and import the obj. Voila.

    From Max to UE -
    Export your object as an .ase file. Open Unreal, go to your static mesh browser. import.

    hi everyone,
    New to this website and thankful for all the information you have put together here, but I wonder if I may be bold enough to ask....

    Is there an actual workflow process from creation to implementation, in a little more detail? ie the actual steps taken along with the checks to get the model from 3DS into UT2004?

    This would be really helpful to me as I have just started modelling for a UT2004 game, sadly running into problems along the way.

    Thanks to all in advance
    Cpl Jonno

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