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    Update: there's now a guide for UT3 as well, and the site has just received an overhaul so the links have changed. Please update your bookmarks!

    In summary: I've assembled all of the mapping tutorials I've been able to find on the 'net and combined them into guides that are arranged to make it easiest to go from n00b to pro.

    EDIT: Another update: the site has been changed again (for the last time) and the links have dropped the .html suffix.

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    Here are some good looking books that will come out this summer. I wish it was now.

    Can't wait for it

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    how do i setup a dedicated server of UT3? I've been looking tutorials but can't find...
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    Angel Mapper's tutorial page appears to have moved leaving that initial page all link-dead. It's now at

    There's been other links to the main site on here but I thought it was worth bringing up.

    Also, for British types, here are the links to Zak and Buzz's forthcoming books. The previous Mastering Unreal was incredibly helpful to me and remains the fattest tome on my shelf

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    Thanks for the book links Onyx! pre-ordered!
    Currently studying Videogame Programming along with some sidestuff regarding game development

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    Any way we could get a separate sticky for UT3 Ed resources? Most of these links a dead and not updated to UT3, x Icescreams, thanks man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dottcomm View Post

    Also, CodePoet post the link below, for converting real units into Unreal Units, I didn't see it anywhere so...
    This link doesn't seem to work. I have come up with a semi-accurate formula for converting real units to Unreal Units (UU). The only thing is that I've noticed that Unreal levels are pretty lenient with proportions anyway (ex: a realistic door size in unreal would look too small). Anyway, I've been using 12.8 (default 3DS Max Units) for 1 head, which is roughly 1ft.

    PLAYER = 50x50x88, but camera is higher?! 88 = eye level(comfortable player size = 64x64x96)
    STAIRS = MAX: 24, RECOMMENDED 16 AVG steps (reality) ~ 11inch. My height = 5'*12''+6''=66in/11in = 6. 96/6 = 16 Units
    JUMPING/BARRIERS = 64+ UNITS, Player max jump height(from top of head, jumpx1) ~ 140, Player max jump height (from top of head head, jumpx2) ~ 170
    SLOPES = 20° and less = ability to run, 20°-30° = sliding slope, 30°+ = unclimbable
    PLAYER DIMENSIONS = 96/7.5 heads (avg) = 12.8 units. RAILING = 4.5heads*12.8 = 57.6 units. CHAIR(back) = 4H*12.8=51.2, (seat) 2*12.8=25.6
    UNREAL UNITS = 5'11.5''=66in. 96/66in = 1.45. MULTIPLY ANYTHING BY ~ 1.45 = Unreal Size

    Not sure if any of that makes much sense (this is the UNedited version of my random notes). I mixed in some stuff from the Unreal wiki. What I've found is that if you measure anything in reality with the 12.8/1ft method, you have to multiply that by 1.45 to get a seemingly believable size in Unreal. These are definitely not set in stone and I'm not saying that everyone should use my method, just throwing it out there. Also, Unreal lets you scale assets anyway.

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    I did a small series that i plan on expanding here shortly on the UDK. About 8 Video tutorials thus far, my aim is take someone who has no knowledge of UDK, modding, or anything of making a game and bringing them to a level of high skill. Been ridiculously busy lately but here is the link to it if anyone would like to watch em.

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