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    im wanting to do special effects...

    Hello, im wanting to do speical effects for movies. In General...what would I have to learn to get there? Ive got background in Photoshop, Illistrator, and going to learn Maya, and/or 3D studio max. Will I have to learn Adobe Premier or any other program like that? And what else?...thanks a lot guys .

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    assuming your talking exclusively CG based effects, probably a studio favorite like Maya or XSI and definately Houdini. Premier would be a starting point only.

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    well special fx includes a lot of things ike rotoscoping,compositing etc. the blue/green screen effect and what have you. maya/max are nice tools for creating special effects but it needs to be augmented by s/w like combustion,adobe after effects etc. and premiere which is an editing program is very handy and easy to learn, so go ahead and learn that as well, ive heard people say that houdini is best for sfx, im not sure if thats true or if its just an opinion thing.
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