I've posted this on a couple other forums, and even though people don't come by here too often anymore, I do respect the opinions of the people here. That is to say, I would love to get some feedback from the folks here.

These are some character designs for a game I started working on some years ago. I've been working on it again lately. It's a 2D platformer with a cartoony style. I've designed three different playable characters, shown here.

One of the mechanics in this game is that when they player has just one hit left, the character will lose some of their outfit, demonstrating visually that they are weakened (like armor in Ghosts N' Goblins.) The version on the far left side is the "no armor" version.

The first character is the mage. I'm fairly satisfied with his design so I don't have alternate versions made up, but I would still value any feedback on his design.

Next up is the reaper, the mage's assistant. This design in particular I have been trying to rework lately. I was originally planning on a version like (A) but I'm trying out some other designs, and I'd be interested in knowing which ones you like the best.

And finally the ranger. I'm mostly satisfied with her design, but I have been thinking about adding a pauldron, or maybe a short shoulder cape.

And for reference, here is a sample scene I made a while back (with some slightly outdated art) to help demonstrate what the game as a whole is supposed to look: https://imgur.com/cZ4oR6L

Please let me know which designs you like the best. Vote for any of them you like, and please comment about what you like/don't like about any of them.